Searchable archives ?

Werner Koch
Tue Jul 3 09:31:01 2001

 || On Mon, 2 Jul 2001 21:30:28 -0400
 || "Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez" <> wrote: 

 "> "On <> you'll find a searchable online archive of the
 "> GnuPG mailing lists." but I can't find any search options to help me.

Some time ago we have migrated to a fresh box and up to no not found
the time to install the search facility.

 "> I'd rather advocate an open solution like GNUPG, but is this possible
 "> commercially ? Can we re-compile it to indicate a commercial use from a server

Sure.  The GNU Project encourages you to use GNU software for
commercial purposes.  Basically the only restriction imposed on you
is that you have to distribute the entire source code along with a
binary version and if you do modifications you have to distribute
these modifications according to the same rules.  

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