effects and incompatibilities between GPG1.0.6 and PGP CKT 06

Kai Raven kai.raven@t-online.de
Sat Jul 7 17:38:02 2001

Hello Werner,

Am Samstag, 7. Juli 2001 [15:15] hast Du geschrieben:

> I really wonder what is wrong. I did extensive testing with Hal and
> Len (of NAI) when we implemented Twofish and the MDC packet. We
> sorted some problems out and never had any problems any later. We did
> this before we published any version (PGP or GnuPG). So I wonder
> what's going wrong.
;-)) Attention: It is the PGP CKT version from Imad R. Faiad, not the NAI PGP. For NAI PGP 7.0.4, all messages, signed and encrypted with GnuPG, could be decrypted and verified with PGP 7.0.4, except signing with Testkey2, a RSA v.4 key with RSA v.4 subkey. I have added a short table at the end of my page, showing the summarized results for GPG-NAI PGP 7.0.4. I made the tests especially with CKT, because i don't like the closed-source-policy from NAI and the missing security fixes for older or newer version of PGP 7. Ciao Kai -- Homepage: http://beam.to/raven GPG&GnuPGshellinfos: http://home.nexgo.de/kraven/pgp/pgp02aa.html