BXA, US export controls and gpg

John Kane jkane89@softhome.net
Mon Jul 9 05:17:01 2001

This is second-hand information from the FSF, but since
it doesn't seem to be posted anywhere, here it is:

  >The Free Software Foundation is the assignee of the copyright
  of GNU Privacy Guard, which is software first published in
  Germany.  GnuPG is therefore software of non-US origin, and
  is not subject to US export controls.  In order to assure,
  however, maximum utility of GnuPG for US developers, the
  Free Software Foundation has filed on behalf of GnuPG's
  authors sufficient information with the US Commerce
  Department's Bureau of Export Administration to qualify
  GnuPG for export from the United States under current
  encryption export regulations if it were software of US origin.
  This allows free software made in the US and combined
  with unmodified versions of GnuPG to be exported from
  the United States without additional filings.<<

Now, if we can just get the 'Legal' page updated...