Searchable archives ?

Hank Leininger Hank Leininger <>
Mon Jul 9 22:29:02 2001

On 2001-07-03, Werner Koch <> wrote:

> || On Mon, 2 Jul 2001 21:30:28 -0400
> || "Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez" <> wrote:
> "> "On <> you'll find a searchable online
> "> archive of the GnuPG mailing lists." but I can't find any search
> "> options to help me.
> Some time ago we have migrated to a fresh box and up to no not found
> the time to install the search facility.
We've got searchable archives of all[*] of the gnupg mailing lists at: As fate would have it we had some hardware-related downtime *right* as you were writing the above... but that's unusual (/me crosses fingers...) [*] I just discovered there's a few we've been missing; fixed. Also looks like the pipermail archives go back further than we do; pulling down and rolling in some of the older messages now... -- Hank Leininger <>