Ann: Release of Python GnuPGInterface 0.1.0

Frank Tobin
Tue Jul 10 10:01:02 2001

I just released the first version of Python GnuPGInterface, a Python
module interface with GnuPG (don't ask me why I added "Interface" to the
end of the module name; it's primarily to avoid namespace collisions).

GnuPGInterface concentrates on interacting with GnuPG via filehandles,
providing access to control GnuPG via versatile and extensible means. It
does high provide high-level access such as GPGME; rather, it is for doing
stuff with GnuPG when you know what you're doing, and love reading status
filehandles, and piping galore.

The API is reminiscent of my Perl GnuPG::Interface module, for those of
you who have used that.  I hope the quality of this module lives up to its
sibling's reputation.

This is the first release of this module, and might be buggy.  However, it
fully implements all features described in the documentation.  It's not a
big module, but it helps get things done.

Documentation and downloads can be followed from links at:

Frank Tobin