WinPT 3.0 "options" file ?

Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez
Tue Jul 10 20:40:01 2001

After much trying, I came up with 2 hints:

- The options file name should be "options" without extension, and contain at
least 1 blank line, and be located in the path specified for "GnuPG home
directory" (when and if using WinPT)
- Any options entered there should not be prefixed by "--" as they are in
command line mode

BTW, this is the place to put the allow-secret-key-import option, so that you
can import existing private keys to your GNUPG installation.

Other file types are described at the end of the man page (man or gpg file,
without extension, depending on distributions)...


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> Subject: WinPT 3.0 "options" file ?
> Hello,
> When using WinPT 3.0, I go to GNUPG|Preferences|Edit Options and I get
> "couldn't load GNUPG options file".
> Where is this documented ? I have searched the docs without much
> luck, and I'd
> like to know what this file is and what we can specify in there.