HowTo: Encrypt a file for multiple recipients

Timo Schulz
Wed Jul 11 01:46:01 2001

On Tue Jul 10 2001, Steve Mancini wrote:

Hi Steve,

> Apologies in advance if this was covered somewhere, I looked in
> the FAQ, the mini HowTO, and several months of the list archive.
> I have a file, foo, I want to encrypt so that several people can
> decrypt it. How is this accomplished in GPG?
> I tried to put multiple NAME's after the --recipient but it did not
> seem to work.
$ gpg -e -r alice -r bob -r charlie -r eve foo Timo -- "Heutzutage schämt man sich beinahe, daß man sich immer noch für Dinge schämt, für die man sich auch früher geschämt hat." -- Jaques Tati