zlib inflate problem: incorrect data check

Frank Harrington harrington@hsainc.net
Thu Jul 12 06:37:02 2001

I have been using GnuPG 1.04 on Solaris 2.6 with pretty good luck. Today =
I had one file that gave me the following error during decryption:

   gpg: fatal: zlib inflate problem: incorrect data check

I noticed a couple of similar issues by others, but none that indicated =
"incorrect data check". Does this sound like a gpg problem, or is it a =
zlib problem? I believe the Solaris system I'm on has zlib 1.1.2

I asked the sender to retry the encryption with the -z 0 option to =
disable compression, so will see what happens. I would, however, like to =
use the default GPG compression if at all possible (BTW, both sender & =
receiver using GnuPG)

Thanks in advance!!! Frank Harrington