book on cryptography (your opinion)

Julius C. Duque
Fri Jul 13 10:13:01 2001

On Fri, 13 Jul 2001, Tuomas Pellonpera wrote:

> Hi!
> As this list is meant to be a ``general discussion and help forum,=B4=B4 =
I dare pose=20
> this question.
> Would you recommend the book ``Cryptography: theory and practice=B4=B4 (b=
y Douglas R=20
> Stinson) for a beginner in cryptography?
No. Stinson's book is, in fact, more on the theoretical side of cryptography. A more appropriate book for developers (I assume you are a programmer) is Bruce Schneier's book, Applied Cryptography, 2nd edition. In it, you'll find code snippets written in C, as well as source for some symmetric key algorithms (both secure and non-secure). -- "When you make a mistake and don't correct it, that's what you call a mistake!" -- Confucius