How to use "--print-md *"
Wed Jul 18 12:12:02 2001


I don't know why that the option --print-md can not use * for all
Is I used wrong method? Or I misunderstand about this option?

Ching-che Chen

----- Executed list -----

01/07/18  05:56p        <DIR>          .
01/07/18  05:56p        <DIR>          ..
01/07/05  10:47a                 1,634 code.txt
               3 files           1,634 bytes
                          1,123,876,864 bytes available

I:\TEMP\d>gpg --print-md md5 code.txt
code.txt: 71 59 5C 0E 3A 36 CF 9B  6C 8D 1B 9A D5 0C 3D 06

I:\TEMP\d>gpg --print-md * code.txt
gpg: invalid hash algorithm `code.txt'

I:\TEMP\d>gpg --print-md *
gpg: invalid hash algorithm `code.txt'

----- List end -----

Original part in GPG man page:
       --print-md algo [files]
                 Print  message  digest of algorithm ALGO for all
                 given files of stdin.  If "*" is  used  for  the
                 algorithm,  digests for all available algorithms
                 are printed.