can't decrypt with the public key...

Mark Weaver
Wed Jul 25 05:49:01 2001


Embarassingly neither of us had considered this possibility. I'll give it
a try and make sure he's encrypting to me with my key.



On Tue, 24 Jul 2001, Anthony E. Greene wrote:

> On Mon, 23 Jul 2001, Mark Weaver wrote:
> >Recently a friend and i both installed GnuPG on our Linux systems and
> >we're both using a Pine interface name pgpenvelope to filter and decrypt
> >messages with. The thing is using my public key he is able to decrypt my
> >messages with no problem, however, i'm unable to do the same using his
> >key. All my other keys work just fine, and his key works fine on his
> >system. What in the world could be going on?
> >
> >Below is the message that I get back from gpg as it's attempting to
> >decrypt the message using his key. As you can see it reports that it's
> >unable to find the secret key.
> When he sends to you, he should use your public key to encrypt. You will
> then use your private key to decrypt. The problem seems to be that he is
> using his own public key to encrypt instead of using your public key. That
> means only his private key can decrypt. That is why GPG tells you that you
> don't have the key. It is looking for his private key.
> See this URL for a description and graphic that describes the process:
> Tony