Setting default UID

JanuszA.Urbanowicz JanuszA.Urbanowicz
Wed Jul 25 13:54:02 2001

John Goerzen wrote/napisa=B3[a]/schrieb:

> I recently added a new UID to my public key but now GPG wants it to be
> the default for everything. I want one of my existing UIDs to be the
> default, but I cannot find any documentation ANYWHERE on how to find
> this. With gpg --edit, gpg seems to put a dot next to the default
> uid, but there is not even any mention of this in the manual. Ideas?
There is NO default uid in OpenPGP. The ID that is using in determining key structure is the numerical UID which is the same for all the textual UIDs. The 'default' textual UID is the last one added (determined by time of self-signing) and it is displayed in key revieving for convenience only. Please note that after importing ypur key, someone may have another textual UID displayed at your key as 'default'. This should go to FAQ. Alex --=20 C _-=3D-_ H| Janusz A. Urbanowicz | ALEX3-RIPE | SF-F Framling | | = * =09 ; (_O : +-------------------------------------------------------------+ --= +~|=09 ! &~) ? | P=B3yn=B1=E6 chc=EA na Wsch=F3d, za Suez, gdzie jest dobrem ka= =BFde z=B3o | l_|/=09 A ~-=3D-~ O| Gdzie przykaza=F1 brak dziesi=EAciu, a pi=E6 mo=BFna a=BF po d= no; | | =20