openpgp / 8bit / armor

John Kane
Sat Jul 28 21:43:01 2001

rfc2440, section 3.4:
  The default character set for text is the UTF-8 [RFC2279]
  encoding of Unicode [ISO10646].

rfc2440, section 6.2:
   Currently defined Armor Header Keys are:
  "Charset"  ...  Please note that OpenPGP defines text to be
  in UTF-8 by default.

rfc2440, section 2.4:
   An application that implements OpenPGP for messaging
   SHOULD implement OpenPGP-MIME.

References:  (v.02)

     Mutz> It should _not_ allow 8bit ...
     Mutz> What do the GnuPG folks say? (cc'ing)
Please cc to the other list.  :-)