Error with SimpleSecure

Weihan Leow
Sun Jul 29 01:51:01 2001


I was looking for a simple script to send the output of an order form
(cc#'s) to me.  I found SimpleSecure and followed all the directions to
get gnupg working.  I tested it myself by encrypting a file on the server
then sending it to my local machine to decrypt.  I then proceeded to use
SimpleSecure's test form in ReadMe.html.  I entered in all the info it
wanted, using my own public key.  I hit the submit and everything seems
fine until I get the email.  This is what I get:


This message was encrypted using SimpleSecure 1.5.

gpg: Invalid option "-feat"


I can't figure out what's wrong.  Can anyone help me?

Also, since I'm going to be sending myself submissions signed by my own
pub key, is it safe to delete the secring.gpg file off the server?

Thanks in advance for everyone's help.