Manage data centers remotely

Anthony E. Greene
Tue Jul 31 00:50:01 2001

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001, Mohamed Mohaideen Basha wrote:

>Can anyone help me in deciding ssh server usage.
>I am planning to have 4 servers in data center how do I manage remotely and
>Which one is advisible, Having one ssh server and logging in to this ssh
>server using ssh client and then manage other serves using telnet or
>installing ssh server in all the servers and manage using ssh client.
You may be able to automate some thigs, depending on what the servers do. But whatever you do, avoid telnet unless absolutely necessary. It would be best to install SSH on each machine. Tony -- Anthony E. Greene <> <> PGP Key: 0x6C94239D/7B3D BD7D 7D91 1B44 BA26 C484 A42A 60DD 6C94 239D Chat: AOL/Yahoo: TonyG05 Linux. The choice of a GNU Generation. <>