gpg called from apache

Chris Mason
Mon Jun 4 22:01:01 2001

I have written a php class that allows apache to encrpyt an email to the
users gpg key.
The trick is to su to the user apache runs as and ssh-keygen as that user in
the users home dir.
Then import the target users keys to the keyring.
I can copy you the source code if it will help.

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I'm just implementing gpg support into imp (webmail client).
As the gpg executing process is the apache server there are some problems

gpg tries to access root's secring and isn't allowed of course because of
missing rights. Is there a way to call gpg to at least verify signed
without attempting to access the user's secring?

If I'll go further on there will be the need to encrypt/decrypt/sign
for the webmail user. Because these users don't always have an account on
machine running apache/gpg it would be great if you can supply keyrings to
not from the filesystem but from stdin or some other way. Any ideas?

Thanks for your comments,

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