AW: gnupg, keyservers and key revocation.

Huels, Ralf SCORE
Tue Jun 5 12:12:01 2001

> I'm having trouble getting some keys revoked. I have no troubles
> generating the revocation certificate. But getting it onto the =
> is beyond me. I've not been able to find anything usefull in the
> documentation even though I have looked.
> Anyone has the solution? Or is this something that can not be done
> with gpg?
gpg --gen-revoke creates a "bare" revocation certificate. Most if not all servers don't like these. Instead they want the entire revoked public keys. You have to import the revocation certificate, export the revoked=20 public key and submit that to the key servers.=20 IIRC, I suggested a FAQ entry on that subject to Nils but he doesn't seem to have gotten around to including it yet. Tsch=FC=DF, Ralf