GNUpg 1.0.6

Richard Ibbotson
Wed Jun 6 23:08:02 2001

Dear All

I've downloaded and installed GNUpg 1.0.6 into my SuSE 7.1=20
workstation from the SuSE ftp site.

I find that it works fine apart from one small niggling little=20
problem.  I can't decrypt e-mail from other GNUpg users.

I have tried to set the default key in order to get GNUpg to decrypt=20
so that I can read mail.  All that happens when I try to do that is=20
that GNUpg immediately asks me to "Go ahead and type your=20
message..... ".  It will not allow me to set the default key.

Can anyone explain what I'm supposed to do to get GNUpg to decrypt a=20
message ?