GNUpg 1.0.6

Micha Holzmann
Thu Jun 7 12:50:02 2001 08:01:22 +0000:

> > Can anyone explain what I'm supposed to do to get GNUpg to decrypt a
> > message ?
> it depends on your mail-program, i guess. i'm setting it up with KMail (running Linux
> Mandrake 8.0) - only since yesterday evening, i've been using it for some time now in
> Windows but still a LINUX newbie ;-)
> you could save the message as a text-file and then run 'gpg --import <file>' to see if
> that works.
Are you sure about what you wrote? IMHO --import is the action/option needed to import someones public key, not to decrypt a message. kind regards, Micha Holzmann -- Ich bin dafuer, dass wir dagegen sind.