Email solutions (was: Re: GNUpg 1.0.6)

Len Sassaman
Thu Jun 7 20:47:01 2001

On Thu, 7 Jun 2001, Mark Weaver wrote:

> I've found that Pgpenvelope/Pine/Gnupg is a very good combination. Once
> they're setup they work seamlessly together with very little hassle
> involved.
Except if you are trying to read/send PGP/MIME messages, unfortunately. Pine simply doesn't handle MIME very well. :( (For the record, I use pgpenvelope/pine/GnuPG myself, and it serves my needs.) __ Len Sassaman Security Architect | "Refraining from cannibalism is Technology Consultant | the ultimate form of altruism." | | --Dr. Eric Routman