Mozilla+GnuPG (was: Mail clients)

Werner Koch
Sat Jun 9 17:17:01 2001

 || On Sat, 9 Jun 2001 15:35:54 +0200 (CEST)
 || Nils@InfoSun.FMI.Uni-Passau.De (Nils Ellmenreich) wrote: 

 ne> The gist of it is this: there is a contributed patch that might work
 ne> with a yet unreleased NAI PGP-plugin. This patch might also work with

Well, the Mozilla folks don't care about freedom and are mainly
talking on how to interface with proprietary stuff. 

 ne> eventually there will be PGP support but not now. Another reason given
 ne> is that PGP/GnuPG support will require architectural changes that the

No it doesn't need any changes.  Last year I provided some
proof-of-concept code which fits cleany into their new mail framework
but just providing the corresponding content handlers. Ben Buksch
should know about this because I had some discussion with him on this
topic.  Well, my code is no plugin because I had no time to dive too
deep into their XPCOM stuff but it should be quite easy to change

 ne> current patch lacks. I've had a brief look at Bernd Rausch's work and

Bernd's work is based on my code and therefore should also fit cleanly
into the mail framework.

 ne> reason. They seem to aim for a generic solution for Mail/News
 ne> cryptography.

Yep, this is what they want.  No pragmatic solutions but a vision for
the future of a whole bunch of ahem concepts.  Displaying web pages is
soooo complicated ...

Anyway, Mozilla is free software and everyone can take it and provide
a GnuPG enabled version.



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