gpg 1.0.5: unusable secret key

Werner Koch
Thu Jun 14 17:29:01 2001

 || On Thu, 14 Jun 2001 09:01:02 -0500
 || David Champion <> wrote: 

 dc> electronically.  Are you saying that I should simply step back to the
 dc> beginning, with no credentials, because gpg previously allowed me to

No.  It is just that v3 keys are deprecated anyway and the solution
for v4 keys is much simpler: just change the expiration time of the

I don't think that there so many expired v3 keys out that it is worth
to add option/command 166 to gpg ....

Hmmm, we have --ignore-time-conflict and other strange options.
So in this light my arguments are not so sound. Okay, what about
--allow-expired-keys ?

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