Config.status on OS X

Sebastian Hagedorn
Thu Jun 14 22:01:02 2001

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-- Gordon Worley <> is rumored to have mumbled on=20
Dienstag, 12. Juni 2001 11:56 Uhr -0400 regarding Re: Config.status on OS =

> At 8:31 AM +0200 6/12/01, Werner Koch wrote:
>> || On Mon, 11 Jun 2001 18:49:58 -0400
>> || Gordon Worley <> wrote:
>> gw> Okay, I'm having some trouble with getting gpg to work on OS X.
>> gw> 1.0.4 and 1.0.5 worked fine with a patch, which I've posted below.
>> It is known that the sed is broken on Mac OS X
>> gw> diff -r -u -u gnupg-1.0.5/config.status
>> gnupg-1.0.5-modified/config.status
>> config.status is a created file and therefore this patch does not make
>> much sense :-(
>> Someone should fix such basic Unix tools. I slowly get the impression
>> that Mac OS X is worser than Ultrix.
> Okay, I installed the latest version of sed that I could find (this
> seems to be 3.02 from 1998) and after installing it here are the new
> errors that I get:
I'm pretty sure that sed is not the issue here. As far as I can tell OS X's = version of sed works just fine. Here's the real problem (all this is about=20 1.0.5, but I guess it's identical in 1.0.6): The line missing_dir=3D`cd $ac_aux_dir && pwd` from doesn't work under Mac OS X. Anyway, missing_dir=3D`cd $ac_aux_dir` works just fine. NB: you have to generate a new 'configure' to get this to work. I have no=20 idea *why*, but what happens is that zsh responds with the new path after=20 the cd. It's like CDPATH in bash, but that isn't set. Thus you get two=20 lines in missing_dir... I've isolated these lines in a small test script, but the behavior was=20 different! Something in configure seems to cause zsh to behave this way... Cheers, Sebastian -- Sebastian Hagedorn Ehrenfeldg=FCrtel 156, 50823 K=F6ln, Germany --==========00280906========== Content-Type: application/pgp-signature Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: Mulberry PGP Plugin v2.0 Comment: processed by Mulberry PGP Plugin iQA/AwUBOykXZxl7BplNEFtFEQJ5HwCgv9S4pHNmhTQyDuzetfrXzaz1N40An1ga PItRafWOj/0WPSSQsyn7iQi4 =rZTW -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- --==========00280906==========--