Config.status on OS X

Sebastian Hagedorn
Sat Jun 16 19:47:01 2001


from what we've learned I draw the following conclusions:

- the issue has got nothing to do with Mac OS X in itself, only with the=20
fact that Apple doesn't supply a 'sh' but instead a 'zsh' which sh is=20
symlinked to

- 'emulate sh' does not help

- the line "CDPATH=3D" from configure may be necessary to stop 'cd' from=20
being verbose with bash, but it's causing the opposite with zsh! Without=20
that line the script works, but setting it - even to the empty string -=20
causes zsh to print out the cwd

- adding the line "unset CDPATH" works

So, *if* adding the unset command doesn't break anything, I guess the=20
solution would be to add this line to the configure script.

Regarding autoconf: OS X comes with version 2.13. From what I've read=20
version 2.50 wouldn't have made a difference in this situation...

Greetings, Sebastian
Sebastian Hagedorn
Ehrenfeldg=FCrtel 156, 50823 K=F6ln, Germany
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