HOWTO on interfacing with gnupg/pgp?

Werner Koch
Mon Jun 18 21:26:02 2001

 || On Mon, 18 Jun 2001 21:03:22 +0000
 || Pedro Díaz Jiménez <> wrote: 

 pdj> Thats a little drastic, don't your think?. Take a look out there. There's a 
 pdj> whole bunch of GPL'd programs that support propietary software. 

By support I mean that proprietary software is used together with GNU
software.  Not all GPLed software is part of the GNU project.

 pdj> Abiword opens .doc files (more or less). 

This is about a data format. It is actuallygood to have Free Software
which can handle a proprietary format - it enables a user to migrate
away from proprietary software. 

 pdj> xmms plays .mp3 files. 

The problemhere are the patents.

 pdj> Gimp edits .gif files.  

Also a patent thing the GNU project would not support except for
reading a GIF image because the patent applies only to the creation of
most GIFs

 pdj> The linux kernel supports a wide variety of propietary filesystems

Sometimes it makes sense to reverse-engineer a data format.

 pdj> Whats the status of gcrypt?. Seems an interesting project. I've always 

Nikos is using libgcrypt for GNU TLS.  This weekend he achieved to
talk between OpenSSL and GNU TSL using RSA/

 pdj> thought frontends to executables are not a clean way to interact with 
 pdj> programs. In my opinion, library level is cleaner

Ah, not again this discussion ;-)



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