signing web pages (simple way?)
Mon Jun 18 21:32:01 2001

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        Monday, 18 June 2001 @ 21:23:21h
        Hello GnuPG comunity,
        is there any simple (cut-and-paste) way to sign a web page with
        GnuPG *without* having the "----begin &c.----" etc. flags
        showing up in the beginning and at the end?
        In other words, the sigining should occur inside the html code
        itself, invisible to the normal onlooker, but the page can be
        checked by anyone who downloads it and opens it in an editor.
        The only other alternative known to me would be to make a
        detached ascii-armored signature and place it on the server, too.
        Any suggestions welcome!
        k l a u s  e.  w e r n e r

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