signing web pages (simple way?)

Daniele Russolillo
Mon Jun 18 22:59:01 2001

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On/Il giorno: Monday 18 June 2001 22:02, you wrote/hai scritto:

> Hello Klaus,
> The "cleanest" way I've seen this done is to have the raw HTML text
> signed. Then, as you mention - one only needs to view the source and
> verify it. The "-----Begin, etc.-----" will still be visible when one
> views the raw text, but that's not really a problem, as it won't show up
> when viewing the page in a browser.
Hi melissa, Are u sure 'bout this? I just tried to do a detach sig (-sb option) and the original file's there wouldn't be any probs...are there, about the web page ...which could also contain the link of the sig before signing 'cause it's simply <filename.ext>.sig and so you already know it.... ...let me know if I misunderstood...
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