Upgrade from 1.0.4 to 1.0.6

Werner Koch wk@gnupg.org
Tue Jun 19 09:46:01 2001

 || On Tue, 19 Jun 2001 13:01:19 +0800
 || ChingChe_Chen@asus.com.tw wrote: 

 cc> like to upgrade to 1.0.6. I downloaded GPG tar ball and install it as
 cc> manual. After installed, the GPG is still in 1.0.4.

That is probably due to the setting of your PATH.

 cc> Mandrake's GPG is a RPM package but there is no 1.0.6 RPM package yet. Is
 cc> that possible to remove 1.0.4, there are some dependent packages, then

I am pretty sure that there is a Mandrake package with 1.0.6 out; I
have seen an announcement on Bugtraq.  However, I don't use Mandrake
and thus not able to tell you details.


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