W32 Bug

Rich rich@cnylug.org
Tue Jun 19 16:15:01 2001

On Tue, 19 Jun 2001 08:09:24 +0200
niklas schurig <niklas.schurig@student.uni-ulm.de> wrote:

> > On my W32 box I have my keyrings in an encrypted scramdisk
> > partition which mounts to be the S: drive. I have the correct
> > path in my options file so that GPG finds both keyrings properly.
> > Yet even though the keyrings exist in the S: drive and GPG finds
> > them, GPG still creates keyring files in the C:\gnupg directory (0
> > bytes in length).
> I noticed the same problem. But it's a communications problem between
> WinPT and GPG. If you take a look at the options file, and check it with
> the
> HOWTO 'GNNUHomeDir' it seems to be correct.I tried it with a floppy, and
> WinPT simply ignores it (even crashes while 'Chashing keys ...').
> I hexedited the GPG-files for additional storing-info but I don't have a
> clue.
> No solution till now are are we just to dumb :-) ?
I don't think it has anything to do with WinPT because in this particular example I was invoking GPG at a command line, not using WinPT as the front end. Rich...