Config.status on OS X

Werner Koch
Wed Jun 20 18:50:01 2001

 || On 20 Jun 2001 17:35:54 +0200
 || Akim Demaille <> wrote: 

 ad> Heck, should I say again?  It is *done*.

That's fine.  My point is that I can't take care fixing things in the
responsibility of autoconf (or gettext) because that takes too much
time.  I did this quite a while ago when those tools were not activily

I have not yet switched to 2.50 because it is not yet in Debian and
it takes some time to convert all packages to 2.50.  Asks the Debian
mainatiners about the problems they have with migrating to 2.50 - it
just takes some time and during this it will not be easy for some
folks to use a CVS version - that's why we have real releases.

BTW, the LFS configuration stuff is by Paul Eggert and he told me that
it is just a temporary solution until the stuff comes with a new
autoconf version.

Anyway, I like autoconf/automake.



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