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Marck D Pearlstone
Tue Jun 26 12:24:01 2001

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Hi Werner,

On 26 June 2001 at  11:43:08 +0200 (which was 10:43 where I live)
Werner Koch wrote to and made these points:

WK> Thanks to the investment in a huge battery for my laptop, I have now
WK> some code for changing the primary UID and it basically works.  There
WK> is just one last bug which to fix I was too tired after attending a
WK> workshop yesterday and being a total of 8 hours on a train (one of
WK> those ICEs without a wallets).

WK> There is even a change to get some code in to change the
WK> preferences - we will see.

Anything on that EC87 error with keyserver lookup on Win2k? Did the
TDIMON trace help at all? Anything else we can do out in the field?

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