PGP 6.5.3 reports bad signature on GnuPG signed files/mails

Timo Schulz
Tue Jun 26 12:51:01 2001

On Tue Jun 26 2001, Joerg Erdmenger wrote:


> I'm beginning to use GnuPG on Win2k instead of PGP 6.5.3. I successfully
> imported my keyrings and figured how tow work it on the commandline. Now a
> little problem occurred:
> If I sign something with GnuPG (1.0.6) and then verify it with PGP, PGP
> reports a bad signature (it decrypts ok). Is this a feature or am I missing
> something?

>From the FAQ:
5.5) Why is PGP 5.x not able to verify my messages? PGP 5.x does not accept V4 signatures for data material but OpenPGP requests generation of V4 signatures for all kind of data, that's why GnuPG defaults to them. Use the option "--force-v3-sigs" to generate V3 signatures for data. IMO it's also for PGP 6.x and 7.x. Timo -- "Überhaupt hat der Fortschritt an sich, daß er viel größer ausschaut, als er wirklich ist" -- Johann Nepomuk Nestroy