PGP 6.5.3 reports bad signature on GnuPG signed files/mails
Tue Jun 26 14:16:02 2001

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Timo Schulz wrote:

> 5.5) Why is PGP 5.x not able to verify my messages?
> PGP 5.x does not accept V4 signatures for data material but OpenPGP
> requests generation of V4 signatures for all kind of data, that's why
> GnuPG defaults to them. Use the option "--force-v3-sigs" to generate
> V3 signatures for data.
> IMO it's also for PGP 6.x and 7.x.
> Timo
but not for 6.5.8.ckt06 - it can verify v4 sigs :) == <EOF> == Disastry <----PGP plugins for Netscape and MDaemon ^--GPG for Win32 (supports loadable modules and IDEA) ^---PGP 2.6.3ia-multi04 (supports IDEA, CAST5, BLOWFISH, TWOFISH, AES, 3DES ciphers and MD5, SHA1, RIPEMD160 hashes) -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: Netscape PGP half-Plugin 0.15 by Disastry / PGPsdk v1.7.1 iQA/AwUBOzhfbzBaTVEuJQxkEQJBxACgqCIyHk36LlbcZ40/fBHdU9anpxgAnRl7 fwyLLJ3/u/ldgy4T3uBAzi7M =XlFC -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----