Selecting primary UID

Anthony E. Greene
Tue Jun 26 18:29:01 2001

On Tue, 26 Jun 2001, Lee Evans wrote:

>Okay, I realize that, but I wondered if it was possible to
>specify which UID gnupg uses primarily. The problem is that I
>have one keypair, with a personal UID and a work-related UID.
>When I sign a key, it is currently specifying that it is signed
>by <my key> and and printing my work-related UID along with it.
>The problem with this is that it suggests that the company in
>some way validates the authenticity of the key, rather than
>myself personally. Further, I probably won't work here forever,
>and if/when I leave it would be better if keys I have signed do
>not have my therefore ex-work UID details on.
You realize of course that the real solution to this is to have a set of keys for each role that may require the use of digital signatures. Tony -- Anthony E. Greene <> <> PGP Key: 0x6C94239D/7B3D BD7D 7D91 1B44 BA26 C484 A42A 60DD 6C94 239D Chat: AOL/Yahoo: TonyG05 MSN: te_greene Linux. The choice of a GNU Generation. <>