Loss Of Primary Key

Ajay Bansal Ajay_Bansal@infy.com
Tue Jun 26 19:01:01 2001

Hi All

	We created a private-public key pair as a part of our project
for encryption. We sent the public key to second party. That party sent
us their public key. We imported the public key using "gpg --import
<keyname>". But then when we listed the available keys using "gpg
--list-keys" our private key was missing. We had created the key with
default option i.e. never expiry.

	Can we have any idea that how the key could have been deleted
from the system. Key was made from root login so that any other can not
tamper with the key ring.


Ajay Bansal
ext 6191
Infosys - Mohali
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