Do not use GnuPG under Mac OS RNG

Gordon Worley
Wed Jun 27 18:18:01 2001

At 9:38 AM -0400 6/27/01, Gordon Worley wrote:

>Okay, first, let's make sure we're talking about the same thing.
>rndunix is what I'm getting if I call rnd(), correct? I assumed
>that's what you meant, but I thought I'd better check. If this is
>it, yes, the patterns are horrible, often generating alternative odd
>and even numbers and such other obvious patterns.
Okay, we seemed to be saved. I can't find rndunix on my system anywhere; the only place randomness comes from is stdlib from rand(). From what I can tell, the reason for getting such unrandom numbers is because rndunix is not used. Could someone working with Darwin directly confirm (I'm going to try to check this out myself, but if someone could confirm for me, that would just as good)? -- Gordon Worley PGP Fingerprint: C462 FA84 B811 3501 9010 20D2 6EF3 77F7 BBD3 B003