Do not use GnuPG under Mac OS RNG

Gordon Worley
Thu Jun 28 00:51:01 2001

After doing some more checking, it seems that everything is okay. 
The numbers being generated are random and safe for usage from what I 
can tell.  So, I'm going to recall the warning I issued this morning 
(I told people to stop using their keys and be ready to revoke them 
if I gave the word after making sure that this was really a problem) 
if I don't get a message giving me reason not to in the next couple 
of hours.  I'm glad that this all proved to be a misunderstanding, 
not an actual problem.  :-)

Also, I have a question for the list.  Since egd generates random 
numbers pretty much the same way gnupg does by itself (except for the 
extra hashing done by egd), does egd really give numbers that are 
that much more secure?  I'm wondering if it's even worth running egd, 
because it's something extra that I have to explain to users to get 
working with gnupg after installing gnupg binaries and egd's files.
Gordon Worley
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