Netscape Certificates, RSA Keys, and GPG?

Justin Wienckowski
Thu Jun 28 19:58:01 2001

Got an odd situation here ;)

My company issues personal certificates (for use by Netscape and IE) as =
part of our PKI services.  We're currently trying to extend that infastruct=
ure to support digital signatures, and guess who gets to develop it? ;)

The short of it is, we're using RSA keypairs in these signed certificates. =
 I can extract the RSA public and private keys using openssl's pkcs12 and =
x509 libraries, but neither GPG nor PGP seem to like the resulting =
pem-formatted RSA keypair.

Any suggestions for how to import these RSA keys into gpg (highly =
preferred) or pgp?  I'm not even quite sure what problems I"m running =
into, as I'm not intimately familiar with the PEM message format that =
gpg/pgp are attempting to parse.

Thanks for any advice,
-Justin Wienckowski
  Intranet Developer