Geam on Linux

Werner Koch
Fri Jun 29 09:42:01 2001

 || On Fri, 29 Jun 2001 07:59:36 +0200
 || "IT-Concepts GmbH" <> wrote: 

 ig> Does anybody know about geam, because I have not found anything in this list
 ig> about it?!

Yes, we know and there are probably a lot of other consultants who can
figure out how to use it.

 ig> Is there any HOWTO or detailed manual available??

There is a German manual available which gives you an overview, but
you should know this because you can read this in the README

   A German manual is available as doc/ or in
   Postscript as doc/ .
   We appreciate any bug report or feature suggestion but please
   understand that we won't help with general installation problems
   unless we have agreed on the terms to compensate us.
   WARNING: To use this software you should first acquire a thorough
   understanding of it's working and read the manual.  The software is in
   use for quite sometime now, but be prepared to find a lot of bugs and
   strange behavior.



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