Configuration/Install problem

Aaron Dudek
Fri Mar 2 18:27:01 2001

I am trying to get gpg-1.0.4 to run with the egd-0.8 on an Ultra2 running
Solaris 2.7.
I compile gpg with the --enable-static-rnd=egd and nothing else.
It compiles fine, tests run good.
I create the .gnupg dir in my home dir and create a symbolic link to
/etc/entropy in the .gnupg dir.
Now this issue is everytime I try to run the gpg --key-gen in my home dir
I get the following

gpg: fatal: can't connect to `entropy': No such file or directory
secmem usage: 2272/2272 bytes in 7/7 blocks of pool 2272/16384

Now, if I run the gpg --key-gen in the ~/.gnupg it works or if I make the
link the link to entropy in my home dir.

I don't know why this happens. Am I missing something in my .tcshrc?