Saving verification results (was: beginner questions,)

Anthony E . Greene
Wed Mar 7 04:01:05 2001

On Tue, 06 Mar 2001 13:42:43 Satish Artham wrote:

>That's exactly what I want. I'd like to receive an encrypted document via
>HTTP, decrypt the document, and be able to verify that the signer of the
>document is the same person that sent me the document.
Assuming I have received a signed/encrypted data file named "datafile.gpg", I would do this: gpg datafile.doc.gpg 2> datafile.doc.sigdata The "2>" is a bash shell command that redirects STDERR to a file. STDERR is the file descriptor GPG uses to output it's verification results. The unencrypted data would be stored in "datafile.doc" and the results of GPG's verification would be stored in "datafile.doc.sigdata". The original signed/encrypted file would be untouched if you needed to verify it again later. Tony -- Anthony E. Greene <> <> PGP Key: 0x6C94239D/7B3D BD7D 7D91 1B44 BA26 C484 A42A 60DD 6C94 239D Chat: AOL/Yahoo: TonyG05 ICQ: 91183266 Linux. The choice of a GNU Generation. <>