newbie: importing pgp keys into gnupg

Benjamin Grimm
Wed Mar 7 13:57:01 2001

hi brian,

first thank you for your tips.

> Try out a good GPG front end such as Geheimnis or Seahorse....the
> are on the GnuPG site. These programs are good for key management
> functions.
I installed Geheimnis (on KDE 2) now, but I've got the same problem remaining: I can encrypt something with my keys but when I try to decrypt anything, I got an error like "secret key not available". Maybe this is something that has to do with my keys ? I'm using a 3072/1024 bit DH/DSS key pair at the moment. are there any limitations in gpg ? When I try to import my keys I just see 1024 bit as key length. have a nice day -- Benjamin Grimm Webnetix! e-services OHG Pappelweg 3 - D-89547 Gerstetten - Germany PGP fingerprint: FCD6 F8BE 0E60 2C38 A595 52E4 4DE3 433F 0C9C 901A