cipher algorithm 9 not found in preferences

Huels, Ralf KSV
Tue Mar 13 09:44:02 2001

> Basically, through my Options File I want to say to others that I prefer
> to receive messages encrypted using the Rijndael-256 Symmetric Algorithm,
> but if you don't have that capability, then use Twofish, and failing that,
> use 3DES, then CAST5 followed by Blowfish. Now, in my case where I am
> using a precompiled binary for use in Windows, is it possible to edit my
> Preference List, or do I have to accept the default?
As of yet, you have to source-dive to change the pref list. Werner has previously stated that making this configurable through run-time options is on his to-do list. Tschüß, Ralf -- Ralf Hüls Bismarckplatz KSV Kreditschutz-Vereinigung GmbH 44866 Bochum Score-Consult Tel. 02327/9114-28 Fax. 02327/8 40 27