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Nils Ellmenreich
Tue Mar 13 16:23:08 2001

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Hi Ralf and Lionel,

thanks for writing this FAQ entry. Your help is very much
appreciated. If there are no further suggestions I will include them
into the FAQ. However, I'm a bit hesitant to include information that
refers to the current gpg version but is likely to change in the
future. These kind of questions have to be revised every time we have a
new release and - as things are - might be forgotten at some point. The
result would be an outdated/incorrect FAQ entry.

Do you think it is necessary to describe the actual gpg 1.0.4
preferences and to include the code? Wouldn't it suffice to generally
desribe the concept and mention possibility to change the default by
altering the source? I'd say, the latter is enough, but if you object
then I'll include the full entry.

Regards, Nils
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