User IDs and Sub-keys

Huels, Ralf KSV
Fri Mar 16 11:32:21 2001

> What I am particulalrly interested in is being able to establish separate
> email IDs using the same key. For instance, one for skribe and one for
> name Joe Bloggs. Currently, when I sign a document the default key
> is used, even when I stipulate that the Joe Bloggs ID should be used in
> email client. This somewhat cramps my anonymity =). Do I require
> and distinct key-pairs for this or is there a way to do it with the one
> key-pair.
Well, basically an additional user ID is a packet stuck onto a key that says "This Joe Bloggs guy is also known as skribe" or vice versa. You've got one Key with two name tags. Anyone who has the public key has access to all the name tags. For what you want to achieve (signing with different personas without giving an indication that it's actually the same guy), you'll need two separate key pairs. IMHO, the concept of anonymity is somewhat contrary to the concept of a signature, anyway ;-) Tschüß, Ralf