gpg batch mode hangs on windows nt

Nick Donaldson
Wed Mar 28 05:37:03 2001


I am seeing some odd behaviour and would like to know if anyone has also 
had similar problems or has any ideas for solutions.

I am developing a secure information transmission system using a 
combination of gpg signing and encryption, using a command line perl app 
and the perl module.  It works great on Linux/Solaris, but when I 
tried installing it on Windows NT, the program hangs during the encryption 

A quick delve into the code reveals that it uses batch mode to 
process the plaintext.  The complete command is as follows:

c:/gnupg/gpg -a --homedir c:/gnupg --batch --no-comment --no-version 
e-fd 0 -r "some name <some email>" --default-key "another name <another 
email>" -se [PID 1868]

A little experimentation shows that normal encryption seems to work OK, but 
batch mode always hangs.  Is batch mode not supported under Windows?  Does 
anyone have any ideas?


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