GPGME for WIndows

Miroslav Koncar
Fri May 4 13:16:01 2001

Hello again,

I'm having (again) some difficulties with GPGME. After copying libgpgme.a
and gpgme.h files in the Cygwin distribution, I tried to compile my test
programs on Windows which are working well on Solaris. The compilation
goes ok, which means that it's able to find gpgme.h, but linking fails.
The linker complains about undefined references to:

Does anything else needs to be copied on Windows? I've installed cygwin
in the c:\cygwin (default), and placed gpgme.h in the
and the libgpgme.a in the

I've tried a workaround. Since I have set up a cross-complier on Solaris,
and it's able to compile and link the test programs in the
GPGME distribution, I've tried to compile and link my examples on
Solaris. Everything goes ok, and the binaries works ok, so I can manage
for the time beeing working like this.

Sorry if I'm a bit boring with all my questions, but my knowledge about
Windows is rather simple, and the project requires me to build the
application on Windows.

Thanks all,

Timo Schulz wrote:

> On Thu May 03 2001, Miroslav Koncar wrote:
> Hi,
> > ../ --build-w32make
> >
> > but what's next?
> After the make process is finished the directory gpgme/.libs
> contains the file libgpgme.a. This is the static library you
> have to copy in the Cygnus library directory or in any place
> you want.
> > I've installed gcc from Cygnus on windows, so I'm thinking I need to
> > place the compiled libraries somewhere within this distribution?
> I don't know the exact name of the directory, but it should be
> easy to find it, because all file extensions there are ".a".
> And then you only need to copy gpgme.h file in the Cygnus include
> directory.
> Timo
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