Precompiled Binaries for UNIX

Lars Hecking
Sat May 5 17:47:01 2001

Daryl Krauter writes:

> Does anyone know of a FTP site where one can download precompiled binaries
> for the different flavors of UNIX?
> Specifically, I need:
> Digital Unix 4.0F
> IBM Unix - AIX 4.3
> This is a desperate attempt to get gpg working in my environment, as using
> gcc 2.9.1 and gmake 3.79 have not succeeded for me - and I have asked this
> forum for assistance, but no thoughts have surfaced as of yet.
What problems do you have under DU? It compiles just fine here (gcc 2.95.3), and make check appears to go nicely, too (using egd). If you tell me which configure options you want, I can compile a DU 4.0F binary for you.