How to set wrap for textmode

Mon May 7 02:55:01 2001

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"How to set wrap for textmode"

IK> MUAs with a good integration of PGP/GnuPG (like KMail for example ;-))=
IK> sign the message after it's been formatted.
IK> So this problem only occurs with MUAs which weren't designed to work=20
IK> with PGP/GnuPG.

Yes, but I don't know ANYBODY who uses KMail!  My own mailer (Becky!2)
handles this well, but the fact is that nearly ALL of the MUAs in
Windows weren't designed to be used with PGP/GnuPG and it is a fact
that with PGP 7.x the only plugins that are available have been
written by NAI and they have not released the source code or SDKs so
nobody can write plug-ins for PGP 7.x

This is a good reason for changing to GnuPG, but most uses would
prefer to stay with an MUA that works and use an outside program to
interface with it as well as GnuPG.  If this results in bad signatures
because of bad word wrap, then people will not use GnuPG.

And there is no point suggesting to Windows users that they use
PGP/MIME. Most MUAs that support it do not do so to RFC2015, and
Windows users are rightly worried about attachments arriving in their
mail.  Clearsigning is the norm in Windows, and many discussion lists
won't accept attachments....

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