non-selfsigned-uid keys

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Mon May 7 14:32:01 2001

>From the gnupg-1.0.5 man page:
--allow-non-selfsigned-uid Allow the import of keys with user IDs which are not self-signed, but have at least one signa=AD ture. This only allows the import - key valida=AD tion will fail and you have to check the valid=AD ity of the key my other means. This hack is needed for some German keys generated with pgp 2.6.3in. You should really avoid using it, because OpenPGP has better mechanics to do sepa=AD rate signing and encryption keys. --always-trust Skip key validation and assume that used keys are always fully trusted. You won't use this unless you have installed some external valida=AD tion scheme. I have been sent such a key. After importing it into my pubring, how can I _check the validity of the key by other means_ and force gpg use it as an encryption key? The --trusted key option doesn't seem to help: $ gpg -ea --trusted-key 0123456789876543 -r ReCiPiEnT gpg: ReCiPiEnT: skipped: unusable public key The --always-trust option used to allow using this key (in previous versions, eg. 1.04), but in 1.05 it does not: $ gpg -ea --always-trust -r ReCiPiEnT gpg: ReCiPiEnT: skipped: unusable public key Thanks in advance for any and all replies, - O.